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School Leadership


Marvis Meeks, Principal, Miami Valley Academy



Phyllis Stewart

Academy K-3

Phyllis Stewart is one of our teachers in Academy K-3.

Jennifer Schuck

Academy K-3 Kindergarten Teacher

Jennifer Schuck is in our K-3 Academy as the Kindergarten Teacher.

Dr. Steven Napier

Elementary School Teacher

Dr. Steven Napier is one of our elementary school teachers in our K-3 Academy!

Kelly Wright

Middle School Teacher

Well into her teaching journey, and Mrs. Wright has found what she loves most about the school. “It is a small community where I am able to closely follow the progress of the same children year after year,” she states. Her involvement in the community includes staff basketball games and after school tutoring. She is doing so much in the community that it’s a good thing she loves to run!


Academy 4-8 Language Arts Teacher

Welcome to our new Academy 4-8 language teacher!

Sherry Fitzgerald

Academy 4-8 Science and Social Studies Teacher

Welcome to our new middle school science and social studies teacher!

Debbie Coppock

Art Teacher

Art cuts across all barriers, a fact that Ms. Coppock can attest to. She is the art teacher for all grades at Miami Valley Academies, so she gets to see her students develop through all stages. “All of the students are so creative and enjoy trying new and different projects!” she says. She has seen plenty of that creativity over her thirteen year career. Her travels, reading, and movie going makes sure she is never out of new projects for all our students.

Shawna Ayers

Counselor, Eastway Behavioral Healthcare

Ms. Ayers is a counselor from Eastway Behavioral Healthcare, helping us to maintain the mental health of all the students we serve. She can be reached at 937-294-4522, ext. 210.

Michael Ashmore


Mr. Ashmore is the Treasurer for the Miami Valley Academies, monitoring our funds and ensuring they are being spent wisely.

Jenny Moeller

K-8 Curriculum Consultant

Ms Moeller is the curriculum consultant for Academies K-3 and 4-8,preparing our students by focusing on the fundamentals.

Jennifer Claypool


Mrs. Claypool is the superintendent of the Miami Valley Academies, bringing years of educational experience to help guide our students and faculty.

Kelly Cathcart

Intervention Specialist - K through 8

Meet our new K-8 Intervention Specialist, Ms. Kelly Cathcart!

Lester Gates

Administrative Assistant

Miami Valley Academies are a hot spot of activity, with people coming and going, organizing communications, and making sure our student’s needs are met. Just the place for Mr. Gates, our administrative assistant!

Jennifer Davis

Data Analyst

You may not see Ms. Davis in the classroom, but she is definitely felt there! She collects all of the data that our teachers are creating and makes sure it is all going to the right people. Her work here allows her “to do a variety of things while making a difference in my community”. You may also find her rooting for the Reds or adding something new to her penguin collection.